BED & BREAKFAST (Horror / Thriller)

A psychological thriller about three friends caught in a bizarre realm in an old bed and breakfast.Three friends traveling by car in the forests of Georgia are unhurt when their car is involved in an accident. It is a cold, dark, rainy night and the travelers need to find shelter. Daniel, his girlfriend Jen, and their friend Esteban hear about an old Bed & Breakfast just down the road. They decide to spend the night there instead of waiting for a mechanic to arrive. They find the Bed & Breakfast isolated in a deserted town. The place is managed by an old man, his paralyzed wife, and their son. When night falls, Esteban finds that the place has some dark secrets that were kept hidden for many years. We discover that the Bed & Breakfast owners are not as they seem, and three friends have lots in common with them than meets the eye. The three friends have some history. Daniel has never trusted Esteban and rightfully so, as Esteban has been after Jen for a while. Jen and Esteban were intimate a few nights before. The love triangle gets even more complex when Jen discovers she’s pregnant. While Jen is tore between the two men, things get out of hand when one of the men disappear, leaving a bloody trail behind. They start investigating but what they find turns to be their own demons.




We’ve all seen the embarrassing, funny and awkward situations that guys have to go through while trying to lose their virginity. But never in the history of mankind, there was a movie that exposed the unspeakable and unthinkable voyage that teenage girls have to go through in order to keep their virginity.“American Girls” is a comedy about three teenagers in their High school senior year, who vowed to keep their virginity at least until prom night.Guys would say that it is easier to be a woman when it comes to sex, but not in our heroes’ case. Nicole, Jennifer and Amy are probably the only girls in their high school to be known as virgins. It’s not that there’s something wrong with them, it’s simply because they chose to, but their choice came with a high price.The spot light is on them with a massive social pressure to “just do it”. They are known as the ‘V’ squad, and despite their decision the constant temptation and curiosity are big.From the surreptitious methods of masturbation in the most unpleasant ways to the humorously shocking, adolescent experience, our three high school friends will take us on a journey that no virgin has gone before! Or… maybe, every virgin has gone before, but never spoke about it.A sexual climax that ends with a small eye surgery, a ‘misplaced’ erotic cucumber that ends up in a salad, and a hospital fiasco that involves a piercing and braces are just the tip of the iceberg in this hilarious script.This outrageous comedy will teach us that girls don’t just wanna’ have fun, they also wanna’ get laid. The three, each one with her own distinct personality, will go through a funny, crazy, yet touching ride towards the ultimate goal.





This explosive thriller set in Israel, the mid of the Gaza Civilian war. Two small time crooks took more than they could handle when made a weapon deal with the number one Palestinian terrorist on the Mossad’s wanted list.  On a fine line between righteousness and madness the heroes tries to get the money, keep the weapon and capture the hostile. Their plan goes bad…




HEADSHOTS (Thriller) 

All Carlos Rodriguez wanted in life was to be an actor. Coming form a poor family in Spain, Carlos’s life were hard. Carlos decided to make a move to the states and pursue his dreams but found quickly that things are far from being pretty in land of dreams and opportunities. Within a short time form his arrival Carlos goes through a roller-coaster of events which revile the true side of Hollywood and the world of show business.

Where fellow artists failed Carlos decides to take a proactive action and clean Hollywood from anyone who stands in his way. ‘Headshots’ is a black comedy full of suspense. It is the journey that most actors had thought to go through.